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Lecture The complete guide to greener meetings and events: Chapter 5 - Samuel deBlanc Goldblatt

Chapter 5 - Green light: Sustainable transportation. After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: How transportation helps to define the event experience, how meeting and event locations shape transportation needs, how to partner with existing public transport infrastructure for event success, why it’s better to travel together,…

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Lecture The complete guide to greener meetings and events: Chapter 5 - Samuel deBlanc Goldblatt Lecture The complete guide to greener meetings and events: Chapter 5 - Samuel deBlanc Goldblatt Greener meeting, Greener event, Strategic green plan, Source renewable energy, Energy-efficient products, Green light, Sustainable transportation
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Clients just specify the type of events that they are interested in, and the content that the event should at least contain. Clients do not need to maintain an active presence during the time these interesting events are taking place. Once it registers an interest it should be able to recover the missed event from any of the broker nodes in the system. Removing the restriction of clients reconnecting back to the same broker that it was last attached to and the departure from the time-bound failure recovery model, leads to a situation where brokers could be dynamically instantiated based on the concentration of clients...

Tiết kiệm chi phí cùng thực đơn đám cưới

Để chuẩn bị cho đám cưới, có khá nhiều chi phí khiến cô dâu, chú rể phải phiền lòng. nào là trang phục, ảnh cưới, trang sức, nhà hàng, tuần trăng mật… và hàng tá thứ linh tinh phát sinh sau đó. Để cắt giảm gánh nặng tiền bạc, bạn nên suy nghĩ đến việc tính toán chi tiêu thích hợp. Và hãy bắt đầu việc đó bằng cách lên một thực đơn đám cưới gọn gàng, tiết kiệm.

Lucid Dreaming: Reliable Analog Event Detection for EnergyConstrained Applications

Existing sensor network architectures are based on the as- sumption that data will be polled. Therefore, they are not adequate for long-term battery-powered use in applications that must sense or react to events that occur at unpre- dictable times. In response, and motivated by a structural autonomous crack monitoring (ACM) application from civil engineering that requires bursts of high resolution sampling in response to aperiodic vibrations in buildings and bridges, we have designed, implemented, and evaluated lucid dream- ing, a hardware–software technique to dramatically decrease sensor node power consumption in this and other event- driven sensing applications....

Tổ chức event cho các sản phẩm nhạy cảm

Những sản phẩm được liệt vào mặt hàng "nhạy cảm" như rượu, thuốc lá, game online vẫn cần có nhu cầu quảng bá theo cách của riêng họ. Các sự kiện là một công cụ rất lý tưởng, nhưng tổ chức sao cho hiệu quả và đúng quy định thì cần phải xem xét nhiều yếu tố. Tham khảo tài liệu "Tổ chức event cho các sản phẩm nhạy cảm" để có thêm chiến lược quảng bá cho sản phẩm của mình.

Open Domain Event Extraction from Twitter

Maliciously modified devices are already a reality. In 2006, Apple shipped iPods infected with the RavMonE virus [4]. During the cold war, the CIA sabotaged oil pipeline control software, which was then allowed to be “stolen” by Russian spies [10]. Conversely, Russian agents intercepted and modified typewriters which were to be used at the US embassy in Moscow; the modifica- tions allowed the Russians to copy any documents typed on said typewriters [16]. Recently, external hard drives sold by Seagate in Taiwan were shipped with a trojan in- stalled that sent personal data to a remote attacker [1]. Although none of these attacks use malicious circuits, they clearly show the feasibility of...

Agency Brief - Bản định hướng công việc cho công ty tổ chức sự kiện

Khi làm việc với các công ty tổ chức sự kiện, việc chia sẻ thông tin về dự án, yêu cầu công việc một cách chính xác là điều cực kỳ cần thiết. Vậy làm sao để truyền đạt một cách đầy đủ và chính xác nhất những yêu cầu của doanh nghiệp tới các Agency tổ chức sự kiện? Hy vọng "Bản định hướng công việc cho công ty tổ chức sự kiện" sẽ là tài liệu hữu ích cho bạn.

Tracking Back References in a Write-Anywhere File System

Welfare facilities such as refreshments, first aid, foot massage and toilets can be made available even within a small event site. You may want to include entertainment such as music or street theatre for people waiting to start and for any friends/supporters not doing the walk. If you are planning to sell alcohol or have what is known as ‘regulated entertainment’ (which includes music and dancing) you will need to have a licence from the local authority. They will be able to tell you if your venue already has a licence and will give you details of how...

How to Organize Your Event

For situations in which there are a very large number of tuples in the join table, we can just disseminate information that allows sensors to identify tuples that definitely do not join with any predicates. Suppose we know that there are no predicates on attribute a in the range a1 … a2. If we transmit this range into the network, then a sensor tuple, t, with value t.a inside a1 … a2 is guaranteed to not join with any predicates and need not be...

Fifth Annual Event Sustainability Report ORACLE OPENWORLD SAN FRANCISCO

Event recognition methods can be roughly categorized into model-based methods and appearance-based techniques. Model-based approaches relied on various models, includ- ing HMM [35], coupled HMM [3], and Dynamic Bayesian Network [33], to model the temporal evolution. The relationships among different body parts and regions are also modeled in [3], [35], in which object tracking needs to be conducted at first before model learning. Appearance-based approaches employed space-time (ST) features extracted from volumetric regions that can be densely sampled or from salient regions with significant local variations in both spatial and temporal dimensions [24], [32], [41]. In [19], Ke et al. employed boosting to learn a cascade of filters based on space-time features for...

You Go to Elections with the Voting System You Have: Stop-Gap Mitigations for Deployed Voting Systems

The showcase argument points out that mega-events are spectacles that can best be understood as either instruments of hegemonic power (Ley and Olds, 1988) or public- relations’ ventures far removed from the realities of urban problems and challenges. Whatever the motivation, there is increased awareness that the mega-event can also be a vehicle for some form of urban transformation. While there are usually significant conflicts between event requirements and post-event usage (Servant and Takeda, 1996: 104), the substantial fiscal demands of these projects has typically included some form of permanent alteration to the urban environment. Particularly in postindustrial cities, the mega-event is often linked to inner-city renewal and...

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