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Lecture Investments (6/e) - Chapter 24: Futures markets

How can we evaluate the performance of a portfolio manager? It turns out that even average portfolio return is not as straightforward to measure as it might seem. In addition, adjusting average returns for risk presents a host of other problems. In this chapter, we begin with the measurement of portfolio returns. From there we move on to conventional approaches to risk adjustment. We identify the problems with these approaches when applied in various situations.

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Lecture Investments (6/e) - Chapter 24: Futures markets Lecture Investments (6/e) - Chapter 24: Futures markets Investment environment, Lecture Investments, Active portfolio management, Capital markets, Portfolio performance evaluation, Measuring investment returns
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DIRECTIVE OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL amending Directive 2009/65/EC on the coordination of laws, regulations and administrative provisions relating to undertakings for collective investment in ransferable securities (UCITS) as regards depositary functions, remuneration policies and sanctions

Overall, our proposed framework is quite general and is applicable to investment decisions in real time. For one, moments used to form optimal portfolios obey closed-form expressions. This facilitates the implementation of formal trading strategies across a large universe of mutual funds. In addition, our strategies employ long-only positions in mutual funds, which implies long-only positions in the underlying stocks (since almost no mutual funds short-sell stocks)—thus, our models derive performance from strategies that could potentially be implemented by investing in mutual funds or in their underlying stock choices....


According to EBAN (EBAN, 2010c), there are almost 400 Business Angel networks in Europe, with around 14.8k investors operating in groups; the corresponding figure for the US is 340, with around 6.5k investors (operating in groups). The median number of investors in a typical European business angel network is 79 (EBAN, 2010c). 5 The number of networks in Europe has increased rapidly over the past decade, from around less than 100; at the same time the number of venture capital funds has fallen from around 1,600 to 700; this could be taken as a support for the hypothesis that...

Sovereign Wealth Funds: Background and Policy Issues for Congress

The value at risk (var) of a security asset is the maximum loss that investors might suffer over a time horizon at a specified confidence level. For example, var0:05 with a 1-month time horizon is the negative of the 5th percentile of the distribution of monthly returns. var is widely used as a risk measure in the literature on investment funds (Liang and Park, 2007) because the distribution of returns often shows significant skewness, which is captured by asymmetric measures like var but not by symmetric measures like standard deviation (Markovitz, 1952). Note that investors can lose more than var: it gives little information on the...

Response of the Government of Yemen and IBRD on the Approval by Mail: Revised Project Concept under the Strategic Program for Climate Resilience for Yemen

The Single Market needs to continue to adapt to reach the potential for businesses and consumers in a borderless Europe. Technological change offers huge possibilities, but it needs to be accompanied by new approaches in areas like procurement, standards, and intellectual property. The EU needs a long-term framework for energy and climate policies so that investment and policy target competitiveness and tackle climate change. Europe falls short on innovation, with obstacles to building new markets and investing in the technologies that will change the way we live, as well as wider issues of attitudes to entrepreneurship and business failure. It also needs the right legal framework to...

Hedges on Hedge Funds Chapter 11

CHAPTER 11 The Expansion of European Hedge Funds.Investors looking to make an allocation to a European hedge fund historically have been limited to perhaps a handful of interesting funds. During the last two to three years, however, the European hedge fund industry has grown exponentially as hundreds of new funds have opened to meet increased demand from investors seeking ways to enhance their portfolio.

Các quỹ đầu tư trực tiếp tìm kiếm các nguồn lực trên thế giới ra sao?

Dmitry Bosky là Chủ tịch quỹ đầu tư trực tiếp Berkeley Capital Partners và là chuyên gia đầu tư mạo hiểm với 20 năm kinh nghiệm trên thị trường phương Tây. Công ty đầu tiên mà ông tham gia là Security Pacific Venture Capital Group, một trong những công ty đầu tư mạo hiểm lâu đời nhất có trụ sở tại California. “Chúng tôi giúp những đội ngũ đẳng cấp quốc tế xây dựng những công ty đẳng cấp quốc tế” – Dmitry nói một cách khá hoa mỹ về ý nghĩa hoạt động của công ty mình....


The Portfolio Improvement Program (PIP) was launched by the World Bank about a year ago to improve the performance of its project portfo- lio. Within that review, the performance of social funds was evaluated for such things as efficiency, targeting, and sustainability. As the largest multilateral development finance agency, the World Bank lends about US$20 billion annually for development all over the world. Its portfolio of 1,500 projects under implementation accounts for close to US$120 billion of commitment on the part of the World Bank. Com- bined with the contributions of cofinanciers, borrowers, and beneficia- ries themselves in terms of their own counterpart financing, the total portfolio of these 1,500...

Soros Nhà đầu tư có uy thế nhất thế giới

George Soros được sinh ra với cái tên Dzichdzhe Shorak ở Budapest năm 1930. Là con trai của một luật sư, ông đã trở thành một siêu sao đầu tư của thế giới với giá trị tài sản ròng năm 2002 là $6,9 tỉ. Kể từ khi được thành lập vào năm 1969, trong 32 năm hoạt động, quỹ đầu tư của ông đã kiếm được mức lợi nhuận trung bình cao đến mức khó tin – 35%/năm. Là một cậu bé Do Thái, ông cùng gia đình đã rất vất vả trốn tránh phát xít Đức và họ đã xoay...

Washington Mutual Investors Fund

Our empirical results are based on monthly returns of 1,472 U.S. open-end, domestic equity mutual funds existing at any time between 1975 and 2002. We investigate the performance of the entire cross-section of mutual funds, as well as the cross-section of each of three investment-objective categories, growth, aggressive-growth, and growth and income. We first show that the impact of luck on performance is substantial. Specifically, we find that our estimators of the number of mutual funds with positive or negative performance is much lower than those obtained with the standard approach (only based on significant funds). These differences are informative, since they lead to a completely different assessment of...

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Investing in Equity Mutual Funds
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