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Estimated policy effects on Vietnam’s exports to its major APEC trade partners: A gravity model approach

This paper carries out an empirical assessment of the effects of a set of policy determinants of Vietnam’s exports to its five major Asia Pacific trade partners (China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and US) over 23 years from 1989 to 2011.

Reform in economic institution to promote restructuring and changing the economic growth model

Despite its continuous improvements in the past 25 years, Vietnam’s economic institutions failed to act as a dynamic of economic restructuring and changes in economic growth model in the coming period. When the state fails to identify its functions and duties at all levels in economic management, it cannot control effectively all operations in the market.

Export spillovers from FDI companies in manufacturing sector in Vietnam

The paper examines effects of export spillovers by FDI companies on Vietnamese manufacturing companies. Heckman’s sampling model is estimated according to dataset of WB survey of companies.

The determinants of customer satisfaction with Damco supply chain management service

This quantitative research is conducted to identify factors influencing customer satisfaction in Damco Supply Chain Management Service. Data are collected by delivering survey questionnaires to customers currently using Damco Vietnam’s supply chain management service.

Agrotourism and rural development in Sri Lanka with special reference to Nuwara Eliya district

This would diversify their agricultural livelihoods and improve their incomes and living standards. This paper examines agrotourism and rural development of Sri Lanka with special reference to Nuwara Eliya District, a popular rural tourism destination in Sri Lanka.

How are relationships between export, inflation, and exchange rate the case of pangasius in Vietnam

Vector Autogressive Model (VAR), variance decomposition, and impulse response function are used, with three variables under consideration: the exchange rate between VND and USD, the export value of pangasius, and the inflation rate of Vietnam.

Perfecting fiscal decentralization to increase economic growth in Vietnam

This paper identifies negative impacts of budget expenditure decentralization on Vietnam’s economic growth and positive impacts of central government expenditure, private investments and trade openness on the economic growth as well. Additionally, no relationship between inflation rate along with changes in labor force and economic growth is found.

Prospects for Vietnam’s economy in 2013

In this context, principal targets set for 2013 are macroeconomic stability, lower inflation rate, higher growth rate, three strategic breakthroughs associated with restructuring of the economy, and a new economic growth model. This paper analyzes obstacles to Vietnam’s economic growth, and offers short-term solutions to bottlenecks and long-term ones to the economic restructuring.

Monetary and fiscal policies some problems of coordination

The present paper is based on the theories of relationship between fiscal and monetary policies to indicate aspects that need coordination when implementing these two policies in Vietnam at present to carry out effectively Governmental Resolution concerning the 2013 socioeconomic development.

Policy on planning and promotion of development of supporting industries for Vietnam

This research aims at analyzing aspects determining supporting industries (SIs) to serve the task of planning and developing such industries. Analyses show that Vietnamese SIs are very small and unable to help the manufacturing sector increase its added value and join the global value chain.

Operation of HCMC - based modern retail channels

With the descriptive statistics based on secondary data and a survey of 267 customers, the paper tries to evaluate the customer attraction ability of HCMC-based modern retail channels by examining such factors as product type and quality, the role and status of modern retail channels, display, price, sales promotion campaigns, and service quality of modern retail channels. The paper also recommends several measures to promote modern retail channels.

Measure pay satisfaction and loyalty of Vietnamese office workers

This paper utilized the Pay Satisfaction Questionnaire (PSQ) developed by Heneman and Schwab (1985) to test the pay satisfaction of Vietnamese office workers (hereafter referred to as employees) and then determined which dimension of PSQ deeply affects their loyalty.

Corporate governance and firm’s performance: Empirical evidence from Vietnam

This empirical study, the first of its kind, seeks to quantify the relationship between corporate governance and the performance of firms in Vietnam. The authors undertook an intensive review of literature to identify a range of elements that contribute to overall corporate governance.

Bounds testing approach to cointegration: A re-examination of FDI and growth in Vietnam

This study examines the econometric and empirical evidence of both causal and long-run relationship between foreign direct investment (FDI) and economic growth in Vietnam, covering a time span of 21 years from 1991 to 2012.

The relationship between website quality and E-satisfaction: A case study of four-and five-starred hotels in Hội An city of Quảng Nam province

In this paper, through aggregation of existing theories in the world and quantitative research, the authors conduct an empirical research for the case of four-and five-starred hotels in Hội An City and identify seven factors that affect the satisfaction of online customers.

Building brand commitment through brand passion

This study examines the effect of brand commitment on brand passion. It also investigates the role of some selected promotion-mix elements (i.e., advertising and public relations) in brand passion. A model depicting these relationships was tested with a sample of 386 consumers in HCMC, Vietnam.

Measuring growth of labor productivity in Vietnam by shift share analysis of structure of industries

This research aims at measuring growth of labor productivity during structural changes in Vietnam in the years 1994-2011. Shift-share analysis of structure of industries shows that growth of labor productivity in Vietnam is a result from the static shift effect.

Green growth model: Analysis framework and policy option for Vietnam

This research introduces green growth, an approach that is more specific than the sustainable development approach. Based on OECD analyses of green growth, the research selects some measuring indicators used for assessing the green growth in Vietnam and then suggests some implications for policies on this approach.

Building a results - based monitoring and evaluation system for public expenditure in Vietnam

The paper builds a results-based monitoring and evaluation called “RBME system”) for public expenditure in the case of Vietnam. Such system is supposed to be a crucial component of a modern mode of working budget management and public administration that has been thus far developed and employed in almost developed and developing countries.

Vietnamese consumers’ perception of risks in online shopping

In Vietnam, online shopping is still in its early stages and consumers are reluctant to use the Internet for their shopping because of some barriers which have not yet clearly defined. The study examines four main online perceived risks - performance risk, financial risk, time risk and privacy risk - to see how they affect consumer’s attitude and online purchase intention.

Fund raising from Hồ Chí Minh city municipal bonds: An analysis and policy implications

This paper performed an analysis, carried out evaluation on methods and effects concerning the issue of the HCMC municipal bonds, and proposed solutions to technical mechanisms with a view to beefing the process of raising this source of capital for infrastructure development based on HCMC specific conditions.

On effects of macroeconomic factors on rate of return on stocks on Hồ Chí Minh stock exchange

The results show that the rate of return is affected by the two factors: Inflation and the Nikkei index as an indicator of regional economy. The impact of inflation is much more powerful. The strongest impact of the unexpected inflation is found in industrial sector and consumption while enterprises with good business performance only suffer a milder effect.

An analysis of impacts of currency devaluation on economic growth in Vietnam in 2000-2012

The paper aims at exploring effects of currency devaluation on Vietnam’s economic growth. Our approach is to employ smooth transition regression (STR) to estimate relationship between real exchange rate, money supply, and public expenditure with Vietnam’s GDP in 2000-2012.

Factors affecting logistics providers’ satisfaction with logistic environment in Ho Chi Minh city

The paper investigates factors affecting logistics providers’ satisfaction with HCMC logistic environment and then extend some remedies to enhance it. By using both quantitative and qualitative methods, the authors investigate 200 logistics providers operating in HCMC.

Physical capital and economic development in Vietnam

In this paper, we investigate the effect of physical capital on economic growth using sectoral data for Vietnam. A common problem with this topic is the nonexistence of capital data. Hence, we introduce a new method to obtain the coefficient of capital growth without the need to obtain capital data, we offer theoretical and policy implications for capital growth and economic development in Vietnam.

Investment in human capital and labor productivity in southern key economic zone an application of Propensity Score Matching method

This paper investigates the determinants of human capital investment in the form of formal training and estimates effects of this investment on productivity using Propensity Score Matching (PSM) method. We use data from a survey of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Vietnam (completed in 2010) with detailed information about training and several firm characteristics.

Impacts of coal railroad transportation project on GDP promotion and unemployment reduction in Bengkulu province, Indonesia

This paper analyzes the impact of this Project on the Bengkulu economy, which is currently considered low. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is adopted as the economic indicator.

Comparing the business performance of the state-owned enterprises and others

The paper examines the socioeconomic and financial efficiency to evaluate the business performance of state-owned enterprises in comparison with that of others (private enterprises and FDI ones). Accordingly, it aims to determine the role and position of economic sectors and business types, especially state-owned ones, based on their contribution to the GDP growth rate and the business performance.

The trans - pacific partnership agreement: Opportunities and challenges to Vietnam’s apparel exported to the US market

This paper aims at presenting an overview on TPP, and estimating opportunities and challenges to Vietnamese apparel industry when exporting its output to the USA in the future as influenced by the TPP.

Electronic ticketing system and traveler purchasing intention

This research aims to identify the importance of factors that influence customer intention of purchasing electronic air ticket (e-ticket). The research compares the difference in purchasing intentions based on eticketing between demographic groups of age, income, educational level, and online shopping experience.

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