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Models and standards for production systems integration - technological process and documents

Electronic business demands from production companies to collaborate with customers, suppliers and end users and start electronic manufacturing. To achieve this goal companies have to integrate their subsystems (Application to Application-A2A) and they have to collaborate with their business partners (Business to Business - B2B).

Application of empirical bayesian estimation to the optimal decision of a server-dependent queuing system

This paper presents a decision model that uses empirical Bayesian estimation to construct a server-dependent M/M/2/L queuing system. A Markovian queue with a number of servers depending upon queue length with finite capacity is discussed. This study uses the number of customers for initiating and turning off the second server as decision variables to formulate the expected cost minimization model.

Optimal taxation policy maximum-entropy approach

The object of this paper is firstly to present entropic measure of income inequality and secondly to develop maximum entropy approaches for the optimal reduction of income inequality through taxation.

Finding minimal branchings with a given number of arcs

We describe an algorithm for finding a minimal s-branching (where s is a given number of its arcs) in a weighted digraph with an asymetric weight matrix. The algorithm uses the basic principles of the method (previously developed by J. Edmonds) for determining a minimal branching in the case when the number of its arcs is not specified in advance.

Problems with Vietnam’s growth model in 1991-2010 in retrospect

Restructuring the economy and adopting a new growth model are topical issues that attract great attention currently. The paper tries to provide a panoramic view over Vietnam’s growth model in the past two decades.

Adult education and income growth the case of Vietnam

This paper investigates the effect of adult education on income growth in developing countries worldwide with an emphasis on the case of Vietnam. The Vector Autoregressive model for panel data (Panel VAR) is employed to examine any possible two-way causality between a pair of variables.

Labor export management in Vietnam and some other countries

After 30 years of sending laborers to work abroad and especially 20 years of operating under the market mechanism, Vietnam has made significant progress in its labor export such as expansion of labor-employing markets, and substantial rise in labor market shares and efficiency.

Preconditions for reform in Vietnam’s model of economic growth

VCP VI Congress witnessed a change in economic thought that aimed at increasing the production. The Congress provided a guidance for an extensive model of economic growth. In fact, this model produced various positive results, mobilizing all possible resources for production and satisfying demands for food and employment.

Effect of policies on the urban property price in Vietnam

The study focuses on two primary factors that are supposed to greatly affect the urban property price, that is, changes in calculation of land use fees and high capital cost for investment in housing development projects. After analyzing such influential factors, four suggestions are offered hopefully making the urban land price closer to the ability to pay and improving social welfare.

Influential factors on patient satisfaction with public hospitals in Cần Thơ city

This research is intended to identify influential factors on patient satisfaction with Cần Thơ City-based public hospitals. Through a survey of 425 patients and a quantitative model for evaluating the patient satisfaction, it pointed out three major influential factors, namely responsibility, assurance and especially responsiveness. Of these, responsiveness is the most influential factor.

Factors influencing online recruitment of Vietnamese enterprises

This research aims to find out factors affecting the online recruitment by Vietnamese enterprises in the context of global integration. It interviews 220 employees of 30 HCMC and Bình Dương-based companies. The results show that the scales of influential factors on online recruitment comprise five components, namely usefulness, ease of use, risk involved in online transaction, risk related to applicants and convenience in payment.

Public debt threshold: Empirical research in Vietnam

This paper aims to provide empirical evidence of Vietnam’s public debt threshold. The data of the annual country's public debt in the 1990 - 2010 period, the threshold model by Hansen (1996, 2000), and the OLS estimation method are employed to test threshold effects and estimate the value of the public debt threshold.

Brand relationships: Unilateral or bilateral

Research results point out shortcomings of the current approach to brand relationship and hope that social bond may lead to various outcomes of the relationships such as commitment, share of goals and values and self expression that surpass the simple brand loyalty.

Empowerment of women through self help groups (SHGs): A study of SHG microfinance project in Sri Lanka

The study finds that impact of microfinance on women is substantial in building confidence, courage, skill development and empowerment but there is no positive impact in sustainable rural development especially reduction of poverty, creation of employment opportunities and creation of assets in rural areas.

Enhance the human resources quality in the Central Vietnam key economic zone

The Central Vietnam key economic zone has focused on exploiting the human resources to accelerate the economic growth. Accordingly, the paper is to evaluate the current situation in Central Vietnam key economic zone and recommend some measures to improve the human resources quality in this zone in the near future.

Efficiency of foreign invested transport companies

The paper estimates technical performance of foreign-invested and local companies by analyzing a dataset for 11,210 companies in transport, warehousing and communication sector established by the GSO in 2010 and SFPF parameters.

Developing a fuel futures market for hedging risks of price fluctuation in Vietnam

The paper aims at analyzing recent fluctuations in the fuel prices in the world in general and in Vietnam in particular. The author also reviews strengths and weaknesses of derivatives which have been thus far employed to prevent risks to the fuel prices in Vietnam’s market and then recommends a model of fuel futures market for Vietnam.

Factors affecting land prices in the urban fringe of the Mekong Delta

This paper aims at providing practical information and identifying factors that affect the land price in the urban fringe of the Mekong Delta in order to support a better control over the realty market in this region.

Vietnam’s budget and finance in 2011 and orientations for 2012

Achievements of the 2011 budget and finance tasks have contributed a lot to inflation curb, macroeconomic stabilization, social welfare, hunger eradication and poverty alleviation. Yet the year 2012 might witness more difficulties, requiring us to be active and determined to fulfill budget and finance tasks in particular and socioeconomic targets in general in order to lay a solid foundation for the successful completion of the five-year plan (2011-2015) and the ten-year strategy (2011-2020).

Review of 2011 monetary policy and orientations for 2012

The economic goals for the next few years such as macroeconomic stabilization, enhancement of economic growth quality, and unpredictable changes in the global economy remain challenges to the implementation of SBV monetary policy.

Restructuring Vietnam’s public investment: Problems and recommendations

The present paper aims to pinpoint drawbacks in the structure of public investment, the mechanism of management and utilization of public debts and extend some suggestions for perfecting the structure of public investment in Vietnam.

Revisiting community - based ecotourism in the Northern Central Vietnam

The present paper aims to synthesize experiences of developing community-based ecotourism in some countries, analyze the operation of ecotourism in the North Central Vietnam and then extend some solutions to the sustainable development of the community-based ecotourism in Northern Central Vietnam.

Return on investment in tertiary education and tuition policy in Vietnam

This research estimates the return on investment in tertiary education in Vietnam by quantifying and comparing total economic benefit with total incurred cost of tertiary education.

Effects of motivational factors on employees’ organizational commitment a case study in HCMC trade union tourism joint stock company

The paper determines motivational factors affecting employees’ organizational commitment in HCMC Trade Union Tourism Joint Stock Company. The research model and scales are constructed on findings of Kovach (1987) and qualitative research results.

Estimation of meat and fish demand system in Vietnam: An application of the almost ideal demand system analysis

This study reports the results of Vietnam’s meat and fish consumption demand analysis using AIDS models. It uses cross-sectional data collected by General Statistics Office of Vietnam in 2008. The censored regression method for the system of equations was used to analyze meat and fish consumption patterns. The twostep demand system was estimated. In the first stage, Inverse Mill Ratio (IMR) was estimated by using the probit regression model.

Evidence of underpricing of initial public offerings in Vietnam

This study was conducted to find evidence of short-term underpricing of initial public offerings (IPOs) and factors that explain the level of underpricing based on IPO samples in the period between January 2005 and July 2012 in Vietnam.

Factors impacting the effectiveness of the ISO 9000 quality management system of HCMC based enterprises

This aims to investigate factors influencing the effectiveness of the ISO 9000 quality management system of HCMC-based enterprises. There are 210 respondents who are workers and managers of HCMC based companies using ISO 9000.

Impacts of economic structural change on economic growth: Forecasting models and policy implications (a case study of Bến Tre province)

The results, based on regressive model, VAR model and Granger causality test, show that economic structural change impacts on the level of economic growth, labor productivity and the quality of life. This research also lays the foundation for a model for forecasting impacts of economic structural change.

Mass appraisal of land value by regression model

Land is always an extremely important resource to all countries. In managing this limited natural resource, land valuation for the purpose of determining financial obligation for users of land is a crucial issue for governments. This paper presents a method of land valuation based on a regression model that allows approaching market prices of land in a region or district.

Interrelation between livelihood assets and poverty in rural Vietnam

This study aims at exploring interrelations between monetary poverty and other socioeconomic characteristics of rural households in Vietnam relying on livelihood approach and searching relevant socioeconomic indicators for multidimensional poverty measurement.

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