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Giáo trình Xử lý thống kê - TS Tạ Thị Thảo

Giáo trình Xử lý thống kê trình bày các dạng sai số trong hóa phân tích, các đại lượng thống kê, hàm phân bố và chuẩn phân bố. Mời các bạn tham khảo!

Buckling of nonlinear creep plates

In this paper the theory of pseudo-bifurcation points and a criterion of creep stability [1] are used to solve the problem on buckling of nonlinear creep plates according to Rabotnov's theory of hardening creep.

On the element free galerkin method in the static analysis for the 2-D elastic linear problem

The present method is a nieshless method, as it does not need a "finite element mesh" and it is only composed by the particles with theirs "compact support" (the influence domain) in the whole domain. Specially, the shape functions are not satisfying the Kronecker delta property, therefore, in this paper, we must enforce the esseutial boundary conditions by the Lagrangian multipliers method.

Identifying the resonance curve of a system subjected to linear and quadratic parametric excitations (case without damping)

Continuing our study in [3], in the present paper we examine the system without damping h = 0. In this particular case, the original equations and the associated ones are very simple and can easily be solved. The "exact" original resonance curve C0 and the "exact" associated one C will be given. Thus, we a:re able to compare two resonance curves and to "estimate" the indirect method proposed.

Rheological properties of emulsion of crude oil and water

In the paper the rheological properties of crude oil of White Tiger oil-field (Vietnam) and its emulsion with sea-water, including measurement results and analytical approximation formulae for wide range of pressure, temperature and water concentration, are presented.

The cubic non - linearity of order e: In the second approxim ation

In the present paper, intending to develop the results obtained in [4, 5, 6, 7], we examine the class of systems with the cubic restoring non-linearity. This non-linearity introduces a lot. of terms into the equations for stationary oscillations and makes thus difficulty revealing its own effects.

On uniqueness of a classical solution of the system of non-linear 1-D saint venant equations

In this paper the theorem of uniqueness of a classical solution of the system of non-linear 1-D Saint Venant equations is proved. This uniqueness theorem is setup for the system of non-linear 1-D Saint Venant equations in canonical form under respective initial and boqndary condiiions.

Báo cáo Đa dạng sinh học và suy thoái đa dạng sinh học

Tổng hợp và tham khảo trên các diễn đàn khoa học, tóm gọn các thông tin cần thiết cho những bạn tìm tài liệu để làm bài báo cáo hoặc thuyết trình.

Damping identification in multi-degree-of-freedom systems using the continuous wavelet transform

In this paper, the continuous wavelet transform based on the Mor let-wavelet function is used to identify the modal damping ratios of multi-degree-offreedom vibration systems. A new wavelet-based method for the damping identification from measured free responses is presented. The proposed method was also tested by experiments on a steel beam.

Plastic damage evolution in multilayer/coatings ductile substrate system under spherical inpentation: Influence of a metallic interlayer

The results' showed that the suitable metallic interlayer could improve resistance of ceramic coating systems through reducing the plastic damage zone size in the substrate under spherical indentation.

Two dimension numerical modeling of wave and wind induced currents and bed morphology evolution at Phan Ri - Binh Thuan coastal zone

This paper presents some numerical results of calculating the currents induced by wind and waves and bed morphology evolution at Phan Ri - Binh Thuan coastal zone for two typical cases of wind: NE and SW monsoons.

A selection of parameters of tuned mass damper for multi-degree-of-freedom systems subjected to second order coloured noise excitation

In the paper the design of an optimal tuned mass damper (TMD) for a structure subjected to second order coloured noise excitation is investigated in order to minimize the sum of response mean squares of components of the primary system with a given ranking priority.

On a variant of the asymptotic procedure (For weakly nonlinear autonomous systems)

In this article, a variant of the asymptotic procedure is presented and applied to determine stationary oscillations in weakly nonlinear autonomous system with given initial conditions. Instead of the full amplitude, the approximate amplitude of order c0 is used and by this, stationary oscillations can easily and successively be determined in each step of approximation, although various types of initial conditions may be imposed.

Noncommutative deformation and a topological nature of koiter singularity

In this paper we constructed the model of noncommutative plastic deformation and give the proof of Koiter hypothesis. We showed, that the occurrence of Koiter singularity has topological reasons and the number of Koiter singularities - is the topological Pontriagin number.

The poincare method for a strongly nonlinear duffing oscillator

In the present article, the mentioned Duffing oscillator is examined by another modified Poincare method. Practically acceptable results are obtained.

On the existence of periodic solution of some quasilinear differential equations with impulses

As for ordinary differential equations, one of the problems that especially attract the attention of many mathematicians is the problem on the existence of periodic solutions of the differential equation systems with impulses. In this paper, we study the periodic solutions of the equation system under of the form.

Vietnam Journal of Mechanics, Dang Dinh Ang: Nonlinear analysis and mechanics

A further illustration of the interest shown in the 1950's for dynamic problems involving stationary cracks is given by the occurrence of a doctor's thesis in the California Institute of Technology by D.D.Ang, who considered the same problem as Maue and used the Wiener-Hopt technique after solution of dual integral equations.

Comparison of velocity distrbution in turbulent diffusion jet given by the integral model and code CFD fluent 6.0

Integral model is simple in utilization, low in CPU time calculation, suitable for a lot of practical applications of turbulent diffusion jet. . However the assessment of accuracy of the model should be carried out by experimental data and by results of available multidirectional codes. The present paper shows the comparison of velocity profiles given by the integral model and the CFD FLUENT 6.0 Code. The difference in results given by the two models is lower than 10% when Reynolds number at the exit nozzle below 5000.

Adsorption process on fixed bed column in rich organic wastewater treatmentexperimental studies and numerical simulation

Wastewater of Minhkhai Textile Company is the sample used in experiment study. According to isotherm function, textile wastewater is poorly adsorbed into SWW210&220. Kinetic data also show that diffusion step of textile wastewater is very slow (DS "' 1.31 *10- 13 m2 /s). With textile wastewater, NADPF model can be used to simulate adsorption process.

A numerical model for water-oil flow in naturally fractured reservoirs

This paper describes the development of a three-dimensional, two-phase model for simulating the flow of water and oil in naturally fractured reservoirs. The model is based on the dual porosity approach. Main flow in the reservoir occurs within the fractures with local exchange of fluids between the fracture system and matrix blocks. A new formula for matrix/fracture fluid exchange rate is proposed based on an extension of the equation developed by Kazemi to account the gravity effects.

Calculation of the horizontal two - dimensional unsteady flows by the method of characteristics

This paper will be concerned with the characteristic form of the twodimensional Saint-Venant equation system, the supplementary equations at the boundaries, the methods of charact eristics for solving the equation system and some numerical experiments.

Suspended sand transport in different conditions of temperature and salinity

The results of computation showed that the vertical distributions of suspended sand concentration depend on salinity and specially, on temperature. When temperature increases or salinity decreases, the settling process of particles occurs faster. For fine sand, the discrepancy on transport rates due to temperature or salinity decreases with wave height. For coarse sand, the effect of temperature and salinity is not much affected by the wave height.

Instability behavior of arches under quasi-static concentrated load

In particular, the automatic cutting and automatic increment techniques needed for the incremental/iterative procedure are described in detail. The effects of geometry, boundary condition, shear deformation, loading condition as well as the material characteristics on the instability behavior of both the elastic and elasto-plastic arches are numerically investigated.

Uniqueness of elastic continuation in a semilinear elastic body

The authors prove a theorem on uniqueness of elastic continuation in a nonhomogeneous elastic solid with a displacement-dependent tension modulus, generalizing an earlier result by Ang, Ikehata, Trong and Yamamoto for a nonhomogeneous linear elastic solid.

On the elasto-plastic stability problem of shells of revolution

This paper deals with the elasto-plastic stability problems of shells of revolution subjected to complex loading process. The governing equations were derived and were solved by using the Bubnov-Galerkin method and the loading parameter method. Some examples were considered.

Long shore sediment transport computation for Hai Hau beach - Nam Dinh province

In this study, it is shown that the prevailing wave climate in connection with the complex topography of Balat river mouth and Hai Hau beach promotes erosion along the coastal line. A two dimensional random wave transformation model was used with 20-year time series of hindcast waves to compute the long shore sediment transport along the study beach.

On a safety criterion for column like structure

This paper deals with establishment of a simple criterion for checking safety of column-like structure based on deterministic analysis. The criterion consists of bound of the flexural displacement at the top of column that is conducted from the displacement analysis combined with ultimate state for the structure.

Identification parameters of material model and large deformation analysis of inflated air-spring shell made of rubber-textile cord composite

In the paper an orthotropic hyperelastic constitutive model is presented which can be applied to numerical simulation for the response of biological soft tissue and of the nonlinear anisotropic hyperelastic material of the cylindrical air-spring shell used in vibroisolation of driver's seat.

Applying the contact element for simulation of interaction between drillstring and holewall

In the contact element, not only transverse friction force but also the longitudinal friction forces are taken into account. The element stiffness and damping matrices are derived explicitly. This element is implemented in general and powerful multi-body dynamics analysis software, namely Mecano module of Samcef. Therefore, many computational aspects of the Mecano software, for example the nonlinear beam element, the implicit time integration method, can be directly applied.

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