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Lecture The complete guide to greener meetings and events: Chapter 13 - Samuel deBlanc Goldblatt

Chapter 13 - Sustainable career success. After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: Advance your career through formal and informal education, gain more professional experience to build your résumé, establish yourself as a greener meeting and event pioneer,…

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Lecture The complete guide to greener meetings and events: Chapter 13 - Samuel deBlanc Goldblatt Lecture The complete guide to greener meetings and events: Chapter 13 - Samuel deBlanc Goldblatt Greener meeting, Greener event, Strategic green plan, Source renewable energy, Energy-efficient products, Sustainable career success
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Why (Special Agent) Johnny (Still) Can’t Encrypt: A Security Analysis of the APCO Project 25 Two-Way Radio System

In addition to its numerical representation, digital data has a physical representation. For example, the bits in a hard disk are magnetic impulses on platters that can be read with analog sensors. Network wires contain electric signals that represent network packets and keyboard cables contain electric signals that represent which keys were pressed. A computer converts the electric signals to a digital representation. Digital photography and video are a digital representation of the light associated with physical objects. Digital data can be stored on many mediums and each has different properties that determine how long the data will reside. For example, data will reside on a keyboard...

Requirements for a Practical Network Event Recognition Language

Deploying a computationalmarket for resource alloca- tion in the systems domain can benefit two research con- stituencies. The first constituency, which will be ignored for the rest of this paper, are the experimental economists and economically-minded computer scientists. Rarely are economists actually given the opportunity to deploy a market or a whole economy, let alone several for compar- ison. Computationalmechanismdesign [13] is an emerg- ing topic partly because the results apply to many differ- ent domains, and there is some merit in asking systems researchers to be research subjects as they attempt to use some market mechanism for their own work. But systems researchers (the second constituency) are much more interested in knowing...

PADS: A Policy Architecture for Distributed Storage Systems

FeedTree aware client applications should be able to examine conventional RSS feed data to discover if up- dates to that feed will be published through FeedTree. To do this, FeedTree metadata can be added to the RSS document structure to signal that it is available for sub- scription in the overlay. In this way, a FeedTree appli- cation bootstraps the subscription process with a one- time HTTP request of the conventional feed. All future updates are distributed through incremental RSS items published in FeedTree. Each RSS feed to be published through FeedTree should advertise a time-to-live value, the maximum in- terval between FeedTree events. (Many RSS feeds al- ready include such a value,...

Live Migration of Virtual Machines

Before we describe the investigation process, we need to define the basic and fundamental concepts. There are few agreed upon definitions in the area of digital forensic research, so we will clearly state the definitions we are using, even the most basic ones. Digital data are data represented in a numerical form. With modern computers, it is common for the data to be internally represented in a binary encoding, but this is not a requirement. A digital object is a discrete collection of digital data, such as a file, a hard disk sector, a network packet, a memory page, or a process....

Detection Power, Estimation Efficiency, and Predictability in Event-Related fMRI

Once you’ve narrowed down the time of year you’ll need to find out what other events are planned around the same time. As well as walking events you should consider other things that may compete for the same audience. In an ideal world you should pick a date that doesn’t clash with any significant competitor. Look for other organisations’ actual or likely dates on the internet, in forward planning publications and back issues of listings magazines (large public reference libraries are a good source of back issues of publications and of forward planning directories like The Year Ahead). Always check...

3 phong cách thiệp cưới họa tiết hoa lá được yêu thích

Thiệp cưới với họa tiết hoa lá “được lòng” nhiều cô dâu bởi sự đa dạng về màu sắc và phong cách, phù hợp với nhiều sở thích khác nhau. Hãy cùng Marry.vn ngắm một số mẫu thiệp cưới in hoa bên dưới nhé.

Concept và theme: Linh hồn của sự kiện

Để chuyển tải thông điệp về sản phẩm thông qua sự kiện, để xây dựng một ấn tượng trong đầu người tham dự về sản phẩm, thương hiệu của chúng ta trong sự kiện, người tổ chức chương trình không thể bỏ qua việc xây dựng Concept và Theme cho sự kiện của mình. Concept được định nghĩ là Ý tưởng chủ đạo (Main Idea, core idea), tức là ý tưởng đi xuyên suốt trong chương trình, từ phong cách trang trí, set up cho tới các hoạt động đều xoay quanh việc làm nổi bật Concept của chương trình....

Làm thế nào để tổ chức một cuộc triển lãm?

Ngoài việc tự tổ chức triển lãm thương mại, bạn cũng có thể sử dụng một doanh nghiệp chuyên về tổ chức các sự kiện, đặc biệt là triển lãm thương mại để tối đa hóa thời gian của bạn tại buổi triển lãm. Bằng việc sử dụng một đơn vị tổ chức triển lãm, bạn có thể có những lợi thế

The Entrepreneurial Event Revisited: firm formation in a regional context

Gaps in current knowledge To strengthen current knowledge, particularly on effectiveness, cost/benefit analysis and the impact on health of WHP programmes, further research is needed. The development of simple and easy-to-use validated instruments for diet and physical activity evaluation is encouraged. There needs to be further exploration of how the evidence- based diet and physical activity interventions are applied in workplaces that are in different geographic locations, and that vary in terms of governmental structure, literacy levels and social norms around different health behaviours. Identifying and publishing case reports and examples of international WHP programmes can also constitute supportive information that will help planners better understand how to develop global programmes. ...

Du lịch muốn phát triển phải biết tạo sự kiện

Làm thế nào để thu hút nhiều khách du lịch luôn là vấn đề trăn trở của các nhà quản lý du lịch Việt Nam. Phát triển du lịch văn hóa, khám phá hay du lịch sinh thái kết hợp với bảo vệ môi trường, du lịch Mice ... là những giải pháp được ngành du lịch Việt Nam quan tâm đến. Ba chuyên gia du lịch đến từ Australia lại có cái nhìn khác về phát triển du lịch và họ cũng đưa ra các giải pháp làm thế nào phát triển du lịch ở Việt Nam....

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