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Lecture The complete guide to greener meetings and events: Chapter 11 - Samuel deBlanc Goldblatt

Chapter 11 - Greener meeting and event marketing. After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: How to define features, benefits, and values to create an offer for your meeting or event, how various demographic segments perceive greener meetings and events, how to use online media and social networking to connect to attendees,…

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Lecture The complete guide to greener meetings and events: Chapter 11 - Samuel deBlanc Goldblatt Lecture The complete guide to greener meetings and events: Chapter 11 - Samuel deBlanc Goldblatt Greener meeting, Greener event, Strategic green plan, Source renewable energy, Energy-efficient products, Event marketing
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Bài thuyết trình đề tài : Iphone 5 - Event planning for launching product

Lập ý tưởng công nghệ 3D tương tác thực của iphone 5,hình ảnh iphone 5 sẽ thể hiện bằng hình ảnh 3D phóng lớn ngay tại bục diễn giả,mọi người sẽ được chiêm ngắm hình ảnh của chiếc điện thoại được mong đợi nhất bằng góc độ 3D.


Event detection is one of the required services in sensor network applications such as environmental monitoring and object tracking. Composite event detection faces several challenges.The first challenge is uncertainty caused by variety of factors, while the second one is heterogeneity of sensor nodes in sensing capabilities. Finally, distributed detection,which is vital to facilitate uncovering composite events in large scale sensor networks, is challenging.We devised a new fuzzy event detection model which is called FED that benefits from fuzzy variables to measure the intensity as well as the occurrenceof detected events. FED uses fuzzy rules to define composite eventsto enhance handling uncertainty. Moreover, FED provides a node level...

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Những lưu ý khi tổ chức tiệc cocktail .Bày các món ăn cũng rất thu hút sự chú ý của mọi người. Các khay đựng đồ ăn trình bày đẹp sẽ tạo ấn tượng tốt hơn khi có các loại hoa lá, thảo dược hay các đồ khác được trình bày kèm theo. Mỗi khay đựng một loại đồ uống duy nhất, nó tạo nên ấn tượng về sự dồi dào và dư thừa.

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Cùng tham khảo bài viết "Cách tìm kiếm khách hàng tổ chức lễ động thổ, khánh thành, khai trương", bài viết này sẽ giúp bạn nắm bắt 1 số cách giúp bạn tìm kiếm thông tin hiệu quả.

Source investigation of a small event using empirical Green’s functions and simulated annealing

We propose a two-step inversion of three-component seismograms that ( 1) recovers the far-field source time function at each station and (2) estimates the distribution of co-seismic slip on the fault plane for small earthquakes (magnitude 3 to 4). The empirical Green’s function (EGF) method consists of finding a small earthquake located near the one we wish to study and then performing a deconvolution to remove the path, site, and instrumental effects from the main-event signal. The deconvolution between the two earthquakes is an unstable procedure: we have therefore developed a simulated annealing technique to recover a stable and positive source time function (STF) in the time domain...


The system we are considering needs to support communications for 109 devices. The users using these devices would be interested in peer-to-peer (P2P) style of communication, business- to-business (B2B) interactions or a be part of a system comprising of agents where discoveries are initiated for services from any of these devices. Finally, some of these devices could also be used as part of a computation. The devices are thus part of a complex distributed system. Communication in the system is through events, which are encapsulated within messages. Events form the basis of our design and are the most fundamental units that entities need to communicate with each...

Sustainable Event Guidelines

Paper consumption can represent significant costs associated with the communications and marketing activities of a planned event. It is often considered a necessary cost of doing business. Yet, when looking at a standard piece of paper, many of us do not consider the true cost of producing it. Conventional paper uses chemicals that produce, along with the paper itself, harsh toxic substances and the living trees used to make the paper provide priceless ecological services. Sustainable communications and marketing practices, such as limiting paper usage or avoiding paper altogether, not only help the environment but also...

An Analysis of In-flight Passenger Injuries and Medical Conditions

A truly distributed service would allow a client to use services by connecting to a broker nearest to the client’s geographical location. By having such local broker, a client does not have to re-connect all the way back to the broker that it was last attached to. If the client is not satisfied with the response times that it experiences or if the broker that it has connected to fails, the client could very well choose to connect to some other local broker. Concentration of clients from a specific location accessing a remote broker, leads to very poor bandwidth utilization and affects latencies associated with other...

Rails 3 Ropes Course: Gregg Pollack

The essential role of a multistakeholder approach Addressing, comprehensively, the issues of diet and physical activity requires the involvement of a range of stakeholders. A multistakeholder approach to the development and implementation of WHP policies and programmes is key to the success, effectiveness and sustainability of the programmes. Different stakeholders that can play a role in WHP include: international organizations; ministries of health, labour and safety; local and municipal governments; nongovernmental organizations (NGOs); civil society; employers; employees; trades unions; company health insurance funds; the agriculture industry; food producers, catering and food distributors; and the sports industry....

Events Management a practical guide - A reference for event planning and production in Scotland

This manual covers a number of major areas, which either singularly of collectively, have historically exacerbated the problems inherent in mass crowd-intensive events. These areas include such aspects as physical layouts (including site, structures, and access), spectator management (including crowd organization, flow, and ingress/egress control), and public safety (including security, public health, and medical care). Historically, advance assessment of and planning for an event failed to occur, or when they did, they failed to identify the potential for disaster or mitigating or coping strategies in the event of a major incident. ...

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