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Lecture Investments (6/e) - Chapter 15: The term structure of interest rates

In this chapter we explore the pattern of interest rates for different-term assets. We attempt to identify the factors that account for that pattern and determine what information may be derived from an analysis of the so-called term structure of interest rates, the structure of interest rates for discounting cash flows of different maturities.

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Lecture Investments (6/e) - Chapter 15: The term structure of interest rates Lecture Investments (6/e) - Chapter 15: The term structure of interest rates Investment environment, Lecture Investments, Active portfolio management, Capital markets, Term structure, Interest rates
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Even thought most of the literature does not directly document this negative relationship there are several attempts to prove that discounting both complementary goods at the same time could be a pro table strategy. Theoretical justi cation for holding sale on only one of two complements is grounded in the monopoly paradigm: if a shop lowers a price for one of the goods the optimal price for the other rises as the demand for it increases thus having both goods on sale should not be optimal. It is not obvious why, in the rst place, the monopolist has to lower one of the prices from its optimal monopoly level...

Chương 3: Quản lý ngoại hối

Tham khảo tài liệu 'chương 3: quản lý ngoại hối', tài chính - ngân hàng, quỹ đầu tư phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

Lý do phụ nữ cần quan tâm đến đầu tư - Phần II

Lý do phụ nữ cần quan tâm đến đầu tư là: bạn sẽ không hạn chế về thu nhập; làm chủ được thời gian và sự tự do về tài chính. Ngoài việc tránh cho mình một cuộc sống phụ thuộc, đạt đến sự tự do thì việc Phụ nữ cần quan tâm đến Đầu tư Tài chính còn có ba nguyên nhân nữa


The aim of this Country Brief for Zimbabwe is to update the Board of Directors on recent developments in Zimbabwe as well as serve as a programming instrument for the Bank’s intervention in the country in 2011-13. The Bank has supported Zimbabwe’s recovery over the past two years in line with the recommendations made in the Country Brief 2009/10 (ADF/BD/WP/2010/Approval) that was approved by the Board of Directors in 2010. Assistance provided comprised mainly of technical assistance and institutional capacity building funded with grant resources from Pillar III of the Fragile States Facility (FSF) of which some 90 percent of...

Lessons for Building a Winning Portfolio_9

Đừng lo lắng về việc có để làm các phép tính, giải pháp hiệu quả đã viết một đơn giản và không tốn kém dựa trên Windows Monte Carlo tester.1 Điều quan trọng là nhận ra làm thế nào phương pháp khấu hao truyền thống và các phương pháp phức tạp hơn liên quan

Mutual Fund Herding and the Impact on Stock Prices

Historically speaking, the earliest asset pricing models made rel- atively simple predictions about what it means for a benchmark to be OE to a managed portfolio. The Capital Asset Pricing Model of Sharpe (CAPM, 1964) implies that all investors should hold a broadly diversified “market portfolio,” combined with safe assets or “cash,” according to the investor’s tastes for risk. It follows that an OE portfolio is a broadly diversified portfolio, combined with safe assets or cash, mixed to have the same market risk exposure, or “beta” coefficient as the fund. This is the logic of Jensen’s (1968) alpha, which remains one of the most widely used measures of risk- adjusted...

Lecture Investments (6/e) - Chapter 18: Equity valuation models

This chapter describes the valuation models that stock market analysts use to uncover mispriced securities. The models presented are those used by fundamental analysts, those analysts who use information concerning the current and prospective profitability of a company to assess its fair market value.

Giáo trình hình thành các giả định của phương pháp phân tích cấu trúc vốn p3

Chẳng hạn, vào tháng 9 năm 1999, AMAX Corporation, một công ty tài nguyên thiên nhiên ở Mỹ, báo cáo một số dư tiền mặt và các chứng khoán thị trường khoảng 154 triệu đô la. Sau nhiều lần thảo luận, giả dụ giám đốc tài chính dự báo rằng dòng tiền tự do là 210 triệu đô la trong một kỳ suy thoái dự kiến 1 năm.

GCC Sovereign Fund Investments in Morocco

The capital of the Fund is represented by issued and redeemable shares with no par value. The shares are entitled to distributions, if any, and to payment of a proportionate share based on the Fund’s NAV per share upon redemption. The Fund has no restrictions or specific capital requirements on the subscriptions and redemptions of shares except as disclosed in Note 8(a), if any. The relevant movements in capital are shown on the Statement of Changes in Net Assets. In accordance with its investment objectives and strategies, and the risk management practices outlined in Note 6, the Fund endeavours to invest the subscriptions received in appropriate investments while maintaining sufficient liquidity to meet redemptions,...


Secondly, the broader universe of pension funds may also be interested in these investments not so much because they are green, but because they provide an attractive return (whether environmental issues should be a considered within mainstream risk assessments by institutional investors is a topic beyond the scope of this paper). Pension funds are looking for long-dated assets with inflation protection, a steady yield and which have a low correction to the rest of their portfolio. This is particularly the case where investment or solvency regulations force funds into conservative assets which match their liabilities. If sizable...

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